A Complete Review on Wizardry Online (Part I)

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Wizardry Online, which is developed by Japan-based Headlock and published by Gamepot, has already been released commercially in Japan. Wizardary series and Ultima series are considered as exquisite works in PC RPG field. "If it fails to revive, it will enter into the LOST state and then the character will disappear permanently. It cannot come to life again." This is the greatest feature of Wizardary series.

Wizardry Online

Most MMORPGs have integrated some systems with the aim of bring more convenience to players, while Wizardary Online based on Wizardary series is different. Some veterans including hardcore players are bothered by in-game vicious designs and even lose confidence. However, the developer seems to ignore it and still add such kind of gameplay.

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Do you want to know what on earth the vicious designs are? Please take a close look at the following text, next we'll give a detailed introduction to the unique charm of Wizardary Online. Along with the evolvement of the game, players will be abused more severely and have a stronger ability to overcome frustration in the meantime.

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If you are frightened of death, you will suffer the same fear in Wizardary Online

The first installment of Wizardary series was originally released for Apple II in 1981 and provided basic game elements for modern computer role playing games, such as 3D labyrinths, instruction combat system, item collection and so on. In the game, players can create their own characters from a wide selection of classes and races. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first Wizardary game this year, Wizardary Online has already launched commercial service in Japan.

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If you are interested in Wizardary Online, you must have visited its official site and seen the word "Do read it", saying:

If characters fall into the LOST state, they will disappear even though they have RG items(RG Item=Pay Item) or other items. Please pay attention!

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If you still enter the game without hesitation after reading the above word, you must be prepared for maltreatment in the game. For those who love challenging difficulties, Wizardary Online won't let them down.

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As soon as the dim cinematic trailer is over, you can move to the character creation. First, enter a Soul name. Please note that the Soul name is just like a family name, multiple characters under the same account can share the same Soul name.

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