New WildStar Footage Shows Active Combat

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NCsoft-owned studio Carbine Studios is running Friends and Family test for their new MMO WildStar. The California-based developer released a video and gave players a glance at the combat, the world, and different classes of the game. Take a look.

WildStar has a huge and vibrant world where mysterious tribes, futuristic bases, snowy mountain areas and many other places are available for exploring. The game features unique class setting and active combat, and the game focuses on layered content to get rid of boring quests and offer players unique experience. Executive Producer/Design Director Jeremy Gaffney gave an example on how layered content works:

- Do a quest to join "the Great Hunt": Kill alien jungle cats and genetically modified monkeys
- If you're a scientist, you note some animals (including some cats) are irradiated. You get a bonus for scanning them and unlock a mission to find out exactly what is irradiating them.
- Huntresses patrol the area. The tougher the monster you kill and the closer to them you are, they cheer you on and you get more reputation back in town.
- The predators stalk and kill prey animals
- Prey animals run away from you
- Dynamic events spawn in the area - caves, ships seeding the area with new creatures to hunt, etc.
- Kill a monster particularly well (or kill enough of a monster) and a timed challenge starts - kill enough of that critter quickly for a super reward


Also at the Reddit AMAA, Jeremy Gaffney outlined some of the features that can separate WildStar from other games:

- Combat much more active, more against lots of monsters than one-on-one
- More strategic solo combat as well as more tactical
- Paths: If you have a playstyle, we send more content your way for the kind of thing you like - Combat, Exploration, Building/Social, or Story/Collecting.
- Layered content: We layer a ton of content in an area that is much richer than other games - you get calls on your cell phone, random events happen, time challenges occur, public events happen, etc. Complex to explain but it feels good/quite fun already.
- We can change the terrain at runtime. New dungeons rumble out of the ground by finding discoveries, story elements can change the world/terrain either in a phase or in the persistent world.


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