Age of Wulin Still in Early Localization Stage, Initial Test in Preparation

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Gala Networks Europe (operator of portal) just updated the status of their upcoming MMORPG Age of Wulin. According to the publisher, the game is still in the early stages of adaptation and localization and they are preparing for initial tests of the martial art MMO.

Age of Wulin

Age of Wulin will take players back into ancient Chinese history, where they will be immersed in traditional daily life during a period when martial arts culture was at its peak. The game features the most essential Wuxia culture and plenty of gameplay systems such as no character level, classes or weapons restrictions, 8 schools of unique combat styles and hundreds of skills, 17 professions, lots of instances and quests, Qinggong, etc. It's a big challenge for the localization team to fully present these contents to European players.

Age of Wulin

Age of Wulin will be available in English, French and German in 2012. The game's US version, called Age of Wushu, is also on its way to beta test, and the game just showed off at E3 2012.

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