Warface's Action Packed Trailer Confirms Trion Worlds as the Publisher

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If you are FPS fans looking for free-to-play shooter with awesome graphics and modern battlefield, Crytek's Warface should be your cup of tea. A new trailer of Warface was released at E3 and you can see the game actually had something more than shooting.

In addition to shooting, there are many actions you can do in Warface. You can slide to cover, you can help your teammate climb through a wall and you can heal a downed player. You will be able to choose from Rifleman, Engineer, Medic and Sniper, and get access to a wide array of guns, grenades, combat devices and even mechs.


From the trailer we know that Crytek has licensed Trion Worlds to publish the game in NA and EU, but the release date is unannounced.


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