Big Changes Due for the Next Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend

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It's almost that time again - time to jump into Guild Wars 2 for another one of ArenaNet's limited weekend beta events. If you missed the first beta weekend, don't worry; this week's looks to be bigger and better than anything we've seen so far. ArenaNet has posted a full list of the new features players can expect to explore this time around, and this second beta weekend appears to be the closest thing to a final build anyone has seen since Guild Wars 2 began its initial testing sequence a few months ago.

Guild Wars 2

Here's the big scoop, courtesy of the ArenaNet blog:

Character Changes

Beta players can create a new character if desired, choosing between Human, Norn or Charr races. If you played in the last weekend beta, you'll be able to access the character you created then and explore some higher-level content, if desired. New zones are being opened to accommodate players of higher levels.

Guild Wars 2

New Zones

Weekend beta players will have a large selection of new content to explore. Check out the Ascalonian Catacombs, a 35+ dungeon with three paths, or the Gendarran Fields, a level 25-35 map packed with new monsters and quests. Additionally, you'll be able to take a run at the Mystic Forge in Lion's Arch, which provides mystery gifts in exchange for unneeded items. ArenaNet is working to provide as much test content as possible.

Guild Wars 2

Player vs. Player

PVP has been somewhat limited in previous beta events, but this weekend's preview promises to carry much more violent combat for players that can't wait to start killing one another. World vs. World content will be open again, with additional features like battling in a sub-dungeon below the main map and taking advantage of the new elements added to WvW maps like dynamic events and puzzles. On top of all that, players can finally jump into the automated tournament system, which pits teams of players against one another in a round of single-elimination tournaments. It's a close look at Guild Wars 2's PVP system, which is expected to be different than any other MMO.

Tweaks and Updates

Of course, not all of this weekend's changes are enormous. The ArenaNet team is still tweaking and refining some of the more subtle gameplay elements of Guild Wars 2. For example, the combat system has seen some minor updates to make combat feel more direct and intense, and new chat features promise to make communicating with other players even easier than before. Players can also modify their own keybindings and take advantage of the new, refined Guild Wars 2 UI. Finally, the Gem Store has been completely overhauled and skills have now been split into tiered systems.

Guild Wars 2

If you haven't checked out Guild Wars 2 yet, this weekend may be the time to give it a look. With more features on offer than ever, it's the closest thing to a finished product anyone is going to see for some time.

The Guild Wars 2 weekend beta event starts Friday, June 8 at 12:00pm PDT.

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