The Old Republic will Have a Big Expansion, and it will Offer the First 15 Levels for Free

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Star Wars: The Old Republic is preparing for something big that will come to the game later this year and next year. At E3, BioWare unveiled part of the new contents, including a never-before seen planet Makeb, new playable species Cathar, new level cap and new free trial program.

TOR E3 Preview Trailer

The new planet Makeb will accompanied by an all-new storyline. In the fully-realized world, according to the developer, you and your allies will "face off against the Hutt Cartel, breaking their hold on this once tranquil world and end their bid for galactic domination."

Star Wars: The Old Republic

We don't know too much about the new level cap but it's foreseeable that new level cap will bring new abilities for every class. In addition, there will be new Space Content, improved group finder and new a Operation called Terror From Beyond, which takes players to the Gree-controlled world of Asation to battle against an army of unseen horrors.

On the other hand, TOR's first 15 levels will be free to play starting from July 2012 and this is just similar to WoW. The difference is that WoW offers free trial a few years after its launch but SWTOR hasn't gone through one year yet.

Source: PC Gamer

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