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E3 2012 is going to kick off on June 5 and 199 exhibitors will showcase their games, hardware and concept at the convention. Since E3 is such a huge game show, many MMO companies think it's not a good place to present their games to fans, therefore, you won't see some anticipated MMOs like The Secret World and Guild Wars 2 at this year's E3. However there's still a long list of MMOs to attend the upcoming convention in Los Angeles. We made the list below and we'll keep updating it.

Wizardry Online

Announced in 2011, Wizardry Online is now being developed by Japanese company Gamepot. SOE will publish the game in NA and EU and this year's E3 will give western gamers the first look of the game. Key feature of Wizardry Online include challenging dungeons with countless traps and treasure, permanent death and so on. Interested players shouldn't miss the hands-on demo.

Wizardry Online E3 2011 Trailer

Sin Streets

Sin Streets is CJ Games Global's new online FPS sets in the urban environment. No detail of the game is revealed but we know that the game is created by Sudden Attack's developers and it's scheduled to launch in Q3 2012.


En Masse will be at Los Angeles but they might not have big reveal for us since TERA has launched for a month. TERA fans can look forward to information of TERA's post-launch update and perhaps the PvP Battlegrounds.

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online should be one of the most anticipated MMO at this year's E3. The game just announced by Bethesda and we've known that there will be 4 factions, the main story will be 100% solo, the combat will be skill-based, exploration is an important part and so on.

The Elder Scrolls Online Announcement Trailer

Embers of Caerus

Embers of Caerus is a sandbox MMO with some Elder Scroll Games' concept: huge world, first-person view, full loot, dynamic weather, etc.. On the other hand, the game features no level and class, player housing, and a lot of player-controlled contents. Embers of Caerus has raised $26,000 at KickStarter and it can expect to gather more fund after its E3 demonstration.

Age of Wushu, Black Gold, Penguin Royale

Martial arts MMORPG Age of Wushu will be playable at E3 and those who have been waiting for the game for years can finally have the chance to try it themselves. The skill-based MMO throws away player level and class system and allows you to learn a wide variety of kung fu. Different from most martial arts MMO, Age of Wushu features counter combat system which rewards those with the greatest skill and execution.

Age of Wushu

Black Gold is a steampunk MMO. We don't know too much about the game except that there are 2 factions (steampunk and magic), 6 races and 24 classes. Vehicle and mount are part of the gameplay contents. Penguin Royale is Snail Game's action TPS game that aims at casual gamers.

Black Gold Alpha trailer

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