[Video] Naked Taiwanese Girl Enjoying Her Gaming

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Date: 05-31-2012 Views: loading

There are a lot of ways to promote an MMO and Chinese companies love to use sex. Though controversial, sex in advertising does sell, and recently another astonishing ad just came out. A naked girl from Taiwan was just asked to introduce a MMORPG called Dark Blood to the public.

Except for the seductive performance, the girl's words are full of enticement. After taking a shower, the naked girl continued her gaming and suddenly she noticed that she didn't wear anything and then she picked up a bathing towel. Don't worry, she dropped the towel later and said "my body is exposed but never mind, let's continue the game..."

It's hard to say whether this kind of marketing work or not but it's sure that it can catch enough attention and it's not expensive.



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