Someone has Turned The Elder Scrolls 4 to Ero Game (Updated)

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Date: 05-28-2012 Views: loading

Bethesda's Skyrim has been out for a while and fans have created many ero MODs. If you are interested, you can visit skyrim nexus to find those MODs. In fact, many hardcore Elder Scroll fans are still playing The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion today because the game has been available for 6 years and its MODs are more mature. As for erotic MODs, Oblivion has some big ones that has gone beyond nude MODs.

We just found a video made by a Japanese gamer and we are unsure what MODs he used but we can tell that it made Oblivion close to an adult game. Below are some screens and the video.

Full SizeOblivion nude mod



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