Latest Firefall Dev Blog Highlights New Character Progression, Battleframes and More

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In the latest release from the Firefall developers they talk in more detail about the new changes that were announce on May 22, 2012 in a video release and on the developer blog.

On May 25, 2012 the most anticipated changes were discussed on the Firefall developer blog and I will touch on them right now.

Character progression:

The concept of leveling is to be removed and your standard grinding for XP to gain higher level equipment & abilities will no longer be there. Reaching a max level and questioning where to go from there should no longer exist in theory.

In the next update you will be focusing your character on equipment tiers or weight classes. We are to be giving full access to weapons, abilities, & battleframes once we unlock a new chassis. Earned XP will go to unlock different upgrades based on how you want to grow your character.


The Battleframe Garage:

The battleframe system as we know it today will be completely overhauled in the next release to support the crossover to an equipment based system. In the current version you are able to swap battleframes by simply going to a Loadout Modification Terminal, which can currently carry up to 50 battleframes. In the new content update you can no longer carry battleframes in your inventory as they will now be in your garage.

In the garage concept you will be able to customize a battleframe as you choose abilities, weapons, and even custom paint.



Resources & Crafting:

I do not believe the process in which how we currently use Thumpers to pull resources will change much, but the types of recourses obtained will be more meaningful in our equipment crafting.

The new crafting system will add more depth overall in using unlocked technologies to build items with specific attributes. There will be different types of bonuses offered based on your characteristics of the equipment being manufactured.


I have been enjoying this game for just a few weeks now and I am vey excited to see how these changes will actually play out in the different game modes of PvE or PvP. I hope with the new battleframe garage we are able to build and store at least 2 battleframes per class so that it is possible to build both a PvE and PvP based character of each.

Feel free to share your thoughts here or at the official Firefall forums which are located at

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