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There was report saying that numbers of fans had poured out their anger on Bethesda after they announced The Elder Scrolls Online, and they probably thought that the franchise should remain as single-player game. The recent speaking of the game's director Matt Firor may be able to relief fans' anger as he told that the game's main story is 100% solo and you are the hero.

Elder Scrolls Online

"In the Elder Scrolls games you're always the hero, whether you want to be or not," Matt Firor said, "You go out there and you kill the dragons; You kill Mehrunes Dagon in Oblivion; in Morrowind, you're up there fighting the Tribunal - those are huge, global, epic things that you don't want to stand in line to do in an MMO."

Although there will be dungeons, raids and other type of group contents, one part in the game that is 100% solo is the main story. Your adventure in the story yourself and the world focuses on you and reacts to your behaviours.

Elder Scrolls Online

In The Elder Scrolls Online, you don't have to follow the scenario like you do in other MMOs. In the previous genre MMOs, according to Matt Firor, you see a town and a tower and then you will go to the town where someone will told you to go to the tower. But in The Elder Scrolls Online you don't have to do things in order - you see something interesting, you go there and find something to do.

You can watch the full interview at gameinformer.

Source: eurogamer

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