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Now, we've seen the torrent of new media that's completely drowned the MMORPG world. Guild Wars 2, no matter what company you are in the gaming industry is definitely a game to keeping a close eye on.

Guild Wars 2

We've seen countless articles about every aspect people, loved. The things people hated. The attributes that they wanted changed and so forth, but let's put all of these factors together and truly decide, is Guild Wars 2 the game we have all hoped and dream it would be? Stick with me and lets see!

We'll review it using the 5 major principals of MMORPG gaming, and give it a rating out of 10. I know, I know it's a pretty over used way of reviewing things, but I feel a behemoth like Guild Wars 2 at least deserved to be rated on its individual massive features as well as its self as a whole.

What are those 5 major attributes you say?

1. Social – How well does the MMORPG integrate the community?

2. PvP – Are the player vs. Player functions fun, balanced?

3. PvE – Does the story engage the player, is it interesting?

4. Longevity – Will the game keep the players interest for a long time?

5. Innovation – What's new? Is the new good, or bad?

So, let's begin!


Guild Wars 2 follows the same route as Guild Wars 1, in the fact that there is no global chat. If you want something you can to the area and chat with the people for that function. Many people disagree with this, but I for one thing it is a fantastic thing. Lions Arch is a self-proclaimed 'trade city' and what Arena Net mean by that is, besides being a useful hub for almost every NPC you need and being the middle of most places so you can teleport to almost anywhere, it is also a vast and beautiful area where the whole map is in ear shot of general chat, so you can spam your trade there for specific items. Beyond that if you're looking for something but don't want to have to spam in a town and trade, there is a very good auction house system which you can access anytime, anywhere. It charges you a small amount, but for not getting your hands dirty, well worth the price. It also has features such as 'match best price' and 'meet best buyers offer' it's a very good system, however not everyone likes auction houses so there are trade towns like Lions Arch where you can merchant of your stuff all you like.

Guild Wars 2

Besides trade, the guild features are very good in which you can join multiple guilds and choose which one to represent. So you can have your main W3 guild and then your small friend group for when you want to play with your casual friends and vice versa. The PvP channels are also very good, in which you can talk in General (again, ear shot) Team, where you can speak to the whole team and Squad which is a one way channel that Squad leaders can direct their squad members in location and the chat is ONLY directions.

Guild Wars 2 has done an amazing job with the social aspect and they even plan to release android+iphone app so you can guild chat and check the market place through your phone.

They get a 10/10 from me Social.

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