Summer of Action MMOs, Which will You Play?

By michael_g_hurstonDate: 05-15-2012 Views:


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Summer is almost here and with it has come three action based games that have inspired fanaticism in their followers. Which game(s) have you purchased and which will you be spending the majority of your time with?


First up is Tera. Those who love Tera are intrigued by its incredible graphics, polished North American launch and true action combat that forces the player to think about fights in a way never done before by an MMO. On the flip side the players who dislike the game will point to its quest system which is a mindless grind of every monster in every part of the world and its lack of female armor covering. The sound of your female character experiencing an orgasm while picking flowers or dancing by a campfire will be an element mentioned by both fans and haters alike.


I expected this game to play similar to GW2 and it doesn't. Tera borrows the interface style of Vindictus where your combat is controlled from the mouse with several hot keys, but to get to the main menu or additional features requires you to hit the "ESC" key to bring up the menu and allows you to use your mouse as a pointer. The design feels clunky to me and can be an issue if you're trying to use any of Tera's additional player action bars which require you to right click with a mouse on them, in which case you're no longer able to attack or defend and your character stands still. You'll more than likely end up putting things like mounts in these bars if you use them as to rely on anything you'd want to use in combat there is suicide.


Personally, I pre-ordered after the first beta weekend event and have been extremely happy enjoying my head start in game and riding a white lion around the world or Tera. However the chances of me subscribing to the game for $15 a month is slim to none with GW2 and Diablo3 coming soon.


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