Some People Have Waited Diablo 3 for a Decade; Some People Beat the Game in 7 Hours

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Diablo 3 has finally launched on May 15 and I'm sure you all know that. But do you remember when Blizzard officially announced the game? The answer is June 28, 2008, and for those who have been waiting for the game since the release of Diablo 2 in 2000, it's 12 years' time which is long enough to turn one from kid to adult. But it's just a game, an RPG with numbers of chapters after all, and people can beat the game in several hours.

Diablo 3

Report said that a group consists of 4 Korean players managed to take down Diablo, the final boss about 7 hours after the game launched, under normal difficulty. At about the same time, a Chinese group also defeated Diablo. They uploaded the screenshots to the internet. Since the screenshots are considered spoilers, I just give the link to the screenshots here. KR Diablo first down:, CN Diablo first down:

For most players, they will like to enjoy the game by reading every line of texts, clearing every dungeon, checking every case, and teaming up with friends to challenge harder modes. Some hardcore players and some crazy guys must have set their goal on Hell mode and even Inferno mode - how long it will take? I believe some teams can achieve that before I can complete the normal mode.

Diablo 3's four difficulty levels are Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno. As the difficulty increased, you will face more deadly enemies with higher level, more health and additional attack skills. In return, you have the chance to get better gear.

I know you are playing Diablo 3 and you are still playing the normal mode, aren't you?

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