The First Trailer and Screenshot of Elder Scroll Online will Make Your Weekend Perfect

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The announcement of The Elder Scroll Online should make many of you exciting yesterday. Today, more goodies come and it seems that it will be another fantastic day for you. Check out the first screenshot and the first trailer of The Elder Scroll Online.

The Elder Scroll Online

The screenshot above is released by gameinformer and it shows two players fighting against some magical creatures called Storm Atronach. Storm Atronach is the lightning and the most powerful version of the Atronach species of Daedra. According to TES wiki, "they can throw a right jab once per second and can gather up the whirling stones surrounding them and swing/fling them a short distance at a foe who is just out of reach."

The Elder Scroll Online's graphics are Rift-like and it uses Hero Engine as SWTOR do.

In addition to the first screenshot, you can learn a bit about the back story of The Elder Scroll Online in its announcement trailer. No in-game footage is shown, but it's still a nice trailer.

The game has opened a teaser site and you can also visit the official Facebook for more information. Besides, you can learn more at our first preview to the game.

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