Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend: the Good and not Good of Combat

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Not good

1. Not enough weapon skills, and they are unlocked too fast on the other hand. You can unlock all skills for that weapon at level 1 or 2 and you won't have new skills then, unless you change your weapon.

2. Some skills like Warrior's Whirlwind requires you to choose a direction first and it's actually annoying for me because it stops a fluent combat.

Guild Wars 2

3. Lack of AoE skills for some weapons. Warrior equips with one-handed sword or rifle has no AoE ability and it will leave you in very dangerous situation when you are surrounded by multiple monsters. You can hit anyone within your weapon range but most of the damages are on single target.

4. Some monsters, or some battles are too difficult to deal with by solo. It becomes more difficult when you are facing a group consist of both ranged and melee monsters.

Guild Wars 2

5. When you are fighting an Event boss together with dozens of other players you can almost see nothing of your combat except the shining skills effects and lots of numbers popping up. This is the problem most MMOs have, anyway.

Above is my impression of the combat in Guild Wars 2 beta weekend. Since I don't have the chance to try out all professions, my comments could tend to be subjective. So that's my impression.

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