DUST 514's Dynamic Battlefields Got Explained

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DUST 514 is a sandbox shooter and the mercenaries (players)' actions will have certain impact on the planets in the game. Playstation blog just explained how the dynamic battlefield works in DUST 514.

DUST 514

Planets in DUST 514 are the battlefields of mercenaries and source of different kinds of materials. A corporation can set up infrastructures on the surface and depends on the corporation's strategy and need, the type of structures and their locations could be varied. The point is, when this area is under war or taken by another corporation or bombarded by orbital fleet, the structures can be destroyed or removed. The only thing that won't change is the landscape.

Players who take part in the successful capture of a district could easily find that the layout of structures and positions of key strongholds are totally different when they return to that district to defend it. From one corporate owner to the next, the surface control center (SCC) or hub of the district could be changed or upgraded if it is present. The SCC's outposts and the support centers around the SCC may be rearranged, upgraded, or even removed based on the decisions of the owning corporation, and this is only one of many key infrastructures that will be available to players.

While the layout of battlefield is changing, the location to deploy the soldiers and supplies is changing as well. The decision is made by the team's commander, and another thing the commander can deploy is the installations that consist of different components to suit the need of the battle.

Each installation is centered on a Command Node component that provides power and processing (PG and CPU) needed to operate all deployed components throughout a battle. Once the Command Node is deployed a commander has a wide choice of installation components that he can position on the battlefield. The commander can choose from a large selection of Signals Warfare, Electronic Warfare, Installation Support, Player Support and Combat installation components.

You can read the full article at Playstation blog.

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