CryEngine 3 MMO ASTA Comes in Our Sights Again with CBT Footage

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While there numbers of CryEngine 3 MMOs under development, you may not remember the one called ASTA. The game which debuted in G-Star 2010 just launched the first closed beta test and released two CBT gameplay videos.

ASTA is an eastern fantasy MMO with ink painting style graphics. The game features two factions, Asu (the Land of Life) and Hwangcheon (the Land of Death) and opens three classes in CBT: Yong, Ho and Human. The two videos below show the game's character creation, quests, monsters, instance gameplay and combat.

ASTA was said to be the new World of Warcraft in Asia and it seems that the saying was not groundless, looking from the gameplay videos. After character creation there is a cinematic and then you begin to get familiar with the game by doing several early quests such as kill several monsters and gather some materials. The combat is tab-target type and it's not very fast-paced.


NHN demonstrated ASTA in GamesCom 2011 and tried to look for western publishers but by now we still don't have any announcement in regard to the western localization.


Via: mmoculture

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