Blade & Soul - Summoner Gameplay and Revamped Qinggong

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NCsoft just announced Blade & Soul's closed beta 3 schedule, along with the new Summoner class for CBT3. Here we have a 3-minute gameplay video of Summoner to show you more about the new class.

Summoner Gameplay

Currently, Summoner is confirmed to be a playable class of the race of Lyn. As a ranged class, Summoners channel the power of nature to weaken the enemies and send the creations to attack them. Summoners can also protect their allies with the "seeds of dandelion".


Players will not only get their hands on new class, but also see the revamped Qinggong system. Below is a trailer demonstrating the new Qinggong for different classes. Qinggong gameplay in CBT3 will be faster and smoother. Players will be able to run on the cliff and fly on the water with more movements and better animations.

New Qinggong Trailer


Source: thisisgame

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