DUST 514 Shows the Numerous Skills that can Take You 7 Years to Max out

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Skill-based MMOFPS DUST 514 just showed off how huge the skill pool is. It's said that it will take years to learn and max out all skills in CCP's PS3 shooter. If you still doubt that, just check out the video below.

David Reid told that they don't expect you to learn all skills because there are millions of skill points (you can see that in the video), and more importantly, the developer wants you to specialize in some paths while others in some different paths.

DUST 514

Huge skill system comes with deep customization system. In addition to invest hundreds of skill points to your character, you have thousands of items to modify your character and vehicles, and this will lead us to the Market.

DUST 514

You can use ISK to buy anything you need from Market which includes several main categories: Weapons, Equipment, Dropsuits, Dropsuit Modules, Augmentations, Turrets, Vehicles, Vehicle Modules, Skills and Installations.


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