Crytek Shows Off New Version of CryEngine 3

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Crytek holds the sharpest sword in the gaming world - CryEngine 3. The company just sharpened their blade a little more with revamped DirectX 11 tessellation, advanced character rendering options, improved AI system and much more. Check out the trailer below.

While CryEngine 3 is making another step forward, more games that built by this engine are announced. Crytek just announced Crysis 3 which will come to PC and console in 2013. The third Crysis game will combine jungle with New York city and offer you more grand scenes.

CryEngine 3

The MMO market has numbers of CryEngine 3 titles on the way, too. XL Games' ArcheAge could be the one you hear most and the Korean MMO will start first closed beta and CBT 5 in China and Korea respectively soon. Piranha Games is bringing MechWarrior to MMO fans and they are working on MechWarrior Online with CryEngine 3. The latest gameplay trailer shows you the game's combat. The other CryEngine 3 MMO in development is Undead Labs' unnamed zombie survivor MMO which will release on console only. The latest one we reported is ChangYou's Project K, which will be a non-targeting action MMO.

CryEngine 3

More about the new version of CryEngine 3 can be found at Crytek website.

CryEngine 3

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