Eyasoft Announced New MMO Dungeon Hero

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Korean company Eyasoft developed some cartoon style MMOs before, such as Iris Online and Legend of Edda. Now they have another one called Dungeon Hero, a 3D dungeon crawler with AOS elements.

You can learn new skills, accept new quests and trade in the villages and towns but as the game's name suggests, most of your adventure will take place in hundreds of dungeons. The trailer above has given you the first look at the game's dungeons, combat system and classes. According to the developer, there are over 100 dungeons that can offer you numerous gear. Since most of the game's equipment has random level and stats, so there are over 100,000 items in total.

Dungeon Hero

PvP is a big part in this game, in addition to the MOBA style Arena, there are PvP siege maps that support 100 vs. 100 battle.

Dungeon Hero

Dungeon Hero

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