Blizzard Sending Out 300K Annual Pass Invitations and Counting!

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As of now, Blizzard Entertainment has sent out 300K beta invitations to Mists of Pandaria.

According to Bashiok, Blizzard's Community Manager, Blizzard has decided to send a huge amount of invitations to the Annual Pass subscribers.

After all the annual subscribers get ahold of their keys, Blizzard will start to invite players, who opted-in for the testing under the Battle.Net account.

Mists of Pandaria

What is the Annual Pass?

If you subscribe to a twelve-month Warcraft subscription, you gain Tyrael's Charger Mount and Diablo III for free as well as a guaranteed access to Mists of Pandaria BETA testing. The players are being invited in waves based on factors such as account seniority and the time you subscribed to the Annual Pass.

Your account may not be eligible for this offer for several reasons. You may have abused some of the previous promotions such as buying Recruit-A-Friend from strangers who do chargebacks with stolen credit cards, instead of a gamecard or a monthly subscription plan, or Scroll of Resurrection, thus your account has not been in good standing in time of the offer.

This limited offer is due to expire on 1st May 2012 so make sure you get your free Diablo III copy if you're eligible, since the game itself isn't pretty cheap. 47GBP for a single copy when pre-purchased via the official BlizzStore which makes this offer worth every penny.

WoW & Diablo 3

I have subscribed to the Annual Pass, yet not received any invitations

Sending 300K invitations does not happen immediately, as it takes some time to process all these invitations, since all of the accounts have to be flagged for beta.

The Community Manager Bashiok did some extra math here.


Invitations Wave #2

Here's Bashiok's official announcement regarding the second wave of beta keys.

Invitations Wave #3

Again, "We heard you like invites, so we put an invite in your invite so you can beta while you beta"

The tricky question

Will the Beta servers be playable with such huge amount of players or will they become overpopulated? Sincerely, I don't know, but I doubt so, since they were pretty much laggy while Cataclysm Beta testing, when none such thing as a guaranteed beta invitation existed.


Everyone wants to start their Pandaren and taste the new features of Mists of Pandaria expansion, venture in the forgotten lands of Pandaria and level their monk up to level 90, so do you?

Anyways, check out your mail address, and spam Refresh on your browser, maybe you will be lucky enough to receive your invitation!

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