[April Fool's Day] World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo to Release on Family Computer

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Are you waiting for Mist of Pandaria expansion, or Heart of the Swarm, or Diablo 3? Take a break and check out the Family Computer version of World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo developed by Blizzard. But wait, we don't have a Nintendo FC system. No worries, Blizzard also developed their own console called Blizzard Family Computer so that you can play these games easily.

Blizzard FC games

Classic console means classic gameplay. According to Blizzard, Starcraft (FC) is a shooting game where you take control of one of the three races' aircraft and fight against the evil in the universe. Terrans' Viking warplanes boast powerful bombing and firepower. Xel'Naga's battleships can easily disable a single target with laser beam, and Zerg's dragons can automatically track their targets. Don't miss this game if you loved shooting games.

Blizzard FC games

Diablo will be an RPG at Blizzard FC and in this game you'll play as a Barbarian who tries to cure his aunt. Other classes in Diablo series such as Amazon, Assassin and Sorceress will appear in the game. Can you find the cure for your aunt? How will you What's the fate of the other characters? You should find out by yourself.

Blizzard FC games

World of Warcraft becomes side-scrolling game in the new console. You can choose male (has outstanding strength) or female (has incredible agile) Pandaren to start your adventure to save Pandaren princess. You can sprint, jump, climb, and sneak, but what's more amazing is that you can get your hands on various weapons.

One thing that Nintendo FC doesn't have is online multiplayer feature. Blizzard FC allows you to connect with others through Battle.Net 2.0. What are you waiting for, head to to buy the games.

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