An Exclusive Look at Divina's Creature Tome System

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Some games would argue that being the greatest fighter involves trapping creatures within hand-held containers, but Divina has a different approach. Instead of relying on an army of animals to be successful in battle, players can study the creatures around them, and eventually gain the ability to imitate both their skills and their physical form.

It's all thanks to a little system known as the "Creature Tome."

Players gain access to the mysterious tome (denoted by a magnifying glass icon) after completing a quest at level 11. From then on, whenever you defeat certain Demons (not all Demons are tome-worthy) within each territory, you'll be considered "researching" them. Research enough Demons and you'll gain access to their abilities and special rewards.

Take the Emerald Draco for example.

Who's that Demon?

Before you fight an Emerald Draco, your Creature Tome will be blank. You may be able to see Emerald Dracos nearby, but until you're fighting one face to face, you're not able to fully research them. After fighting your first Emerald Draco, your Creature Tome will gain a new entry and one of the question marks will be replaced with the Emerald Draco's handsome mug.

That's one down, 69 to go...

The bar on the Demon's picture shows your research progress. The percentage after the first kill will give you an idea of how many Demons you'll need to kill before research is complete. In this case, it's going to take about 70 Emerald Dracos to complete its entry. This number will vary depending on the type of monster (normal, boss, etc.). Thankfully, some of the sub boss and instance boss Demons only require a few kills to complete their research. Yes, that's right, you can turn into an instance boss and decimate those hard-to-kill monsters or strut through town like the BAMF you are. But let's get back to our dragon...

Congratulations. You now have a PhD in Emerald Draco.

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