Rusty Hearts Introduces New Character Edgar and First Raid Dungeon

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Arcade style MMO brawler Rusty Hearts introduces players the latest character Edgar Grosvenor as well as the first raid dungeon Dead Man's Valley which is slated for March 22.

Edgar Grosvenor and Raid Dungeons

Edgar is a young boy who uses scythe and masters magic sword abilities, and he's a new Cash Shop Avatar. After being cursed with the body of a child, Edgar has been roaming Bramunez seeking a cure for his affliction. A man in a boy's body is no way to live life and Edgar has been seeking a solution for his cursed body for years. While scouring the lands he honed his skills as a scythe and sword wielder utilizing many of the skills exclusive to Angela's skill masters. While Edgar's abilities are similar to Angela, his speed and agility set him apart.

Rusty Hearts

Dead Man's Valley brings more actions to the game as it allows up to 8 players to team up and challenge the toughest enemies so far including a variety of different Golems and Bone Dragon. Players have to create an Expedition in order to start an 8-player raid. Although a player can Dead Man's Valley solo, it's not recommended since the raid is designed for group.

You can learn more about the new content at Rusty Hearts website.

Rusty Hearts

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