AION 3.0 North America Release Date Announced

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NCsoft's free-to-play AION will officially launch on April 11, 2012, together with Accession update (AION 3.0). The developer has released detailed Update 3.0 information on the North American AION website, along with a new trailer.

Aion: Ascension Trailer

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You may have known that there will be several new zones in AION 3.0: Sarpan, Tiamaranta and Tiamaranta Siege. In addition to new quests, and pvp zone, there will be new instances for players to enjoy group contents and Aturam Sky Fortress, Raksang Elementis Forest/Argent Manor and Rentus Base are awaiting their challengers. As level cap increases to 60, Daevas can learn either new or updated skills to battle Tiamat's legions. Brand-new and stylish armor sets are the best rewards for those who successfully take down tough enemies and complete challenging quests.

AION 3.0

Housing and mounts are long-awaited features in AION. Five types of houses, from economy studios to luxurious palaces, will be built in the beautiful townsteads of Oriel and Pernon. Daevas can obtain their own houses through quests or bidding. Surfrider, Pagati, Shaptooth and Flurry are your new travelling tools with distinctive looks and functions.

AION 3.0

NCsoft promises players with unrestricted access to all content from level 1-60 and allows players to visit any zone, chat in any channel and sell any amount of stuff on the trade broker. The developer gives more explanations of Truly Free here.

AION 3.0

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