Soa Lee's 3D Characters for Project A3

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Many of you probably don't know A3 because first it's an old MMORPG (as old as EQ2), and second the game just launched in very few countries, and the game doesn't have a good name, lol. However, A3 was one of the early adult MMORPGs in Korea and the game's amazingly beautiful and sexy 3D characters were really a hit at that time. However, not many people know the creator of those hot characters, Soa Lee.

Soa Lee's work
She's not Juliet of Lollipop Chainsaw but Neona created by Soa Lee in 2006

Soa Lee worked on Project A3 in 2002 and the characters she created tend to be graceful and vigorous. You can google "Project A3" to see more pictures of the game. Soa Lee just invited to create posters and wallpapers for Rift which will start beta testing in Korea soon.

A3 character concept

Now you can check out some of Soa Lee's work at her personal website

A3 character concept

A3 character concept

A3 character concept



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