AION (KR) Now Free to Play until Level 45

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AION is free to play in North America and Europe, and now the game will offer the first 45 levels to Korean players for free. However, the free trial will be expired after 30 days or 50 hours' gaming time, regardless of whether players can reach level 45. Interestingly, Blizzard revealed new Scroll of Resurrection for WOW recently, and it seems that the coming of new MMORPGs like TERA and Guild Wars 2 has big impact on those old subscription MMOs.


Currently AION KR sets the level cap at 60 and players can take this opportunity to experience half of the game's content for free, although they won't be able to play the 3.0 content which starts at level 55. NCsoft also invites players who have left for 60 days or above back to the world of Atreia by offering them 50 hours' game time for 30 days. In addition, they will also be given items used to redeem gear.

Despite AION has turned to F2P in the west, NCsoft's 2009 title still one of the most popular MMORPGs in Korea today and remains as the NO.1 MMO in internet cafes for long time. The game's announcement of free-to-play changeover in EU last year really shocked Korean gamers.

Source: AION KR website

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