Latest DUST 514 Interview Hints PC Release is Possible

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CCP's CEO Hilmar Petursson gave PC gamers some room for imagination at GDC 2012. When commented to DUST 514's support of mouse and keyboard, Petursson told massively that "I wonder why we did that." He avoided talking directly about whether there will be PC version of DUST 514 but kept PC players continuing to speculate.


DUST 514 is PS3-exclusive title at the moment and CCP recently confirmed that the game will be free to download and play. Players can use Aurum to purchase tons of items from in-game store and the items include vanity and customize goods, boosters, weapons that "aren't necessarily more powerful", and services like character respecs, etc.

Players of EVE and DUST 514 are connected and affected by each other thanks to the contract system and the same market, same currency and mailbox system. Players who have PS Vita can make use of a companion app that will come out together with DUST 514 to do transactions on the market or equip and customize their characters and vehicles.

Source: massively

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