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AION is about to turn to free-to-play MMO soon, and one thing that players are waiting for, apart from the change-over of business model, is the release of update 3.0. AION 3.0 or AION: Accession is a huge update for AION that brings significant changes to graphics, UI, skills and adds new contents like mounts and player housing. Here are some tips that may be helpful for your gaming. Since the update hasn't been released in NA and EU, all information is based on Korean and Chinese version.

Aion 3.0

AION's map gets overhaul in patch 3.0. The new map is like satellite images and you can see lots of information including detailed terrains there. An interesting function is that you can draw or mark on your map with an offered tool and you can save the edited map or send it to your party/alliance members. On the left there are numbers of things that can be chosen to show on the map. Besides, you can now check out the maps of many instances. Another convenient function is that you can now preview the product of a blueprint.

Aion 3.0

The first thing you will do in AION 3.0 could be getting a mount and a house. You can purchase a mount from the npc in the capital city of both factions. Different mounts have different speed and some can float in the air. Some mounts such as the dinosaur are dropped by boss monsters, some, such as motorcycle is gained through craft, while some can be bought with required items. Player house is available for characters above level 21. There are series of quests to help you to get a house, items for decoration, and new title. Houses that gained through quests are common houses and you can get better houses through bidding. Many furniture items can be got from daily quests and crafting. Since AION will be free-to-play in NA and EU, item shop could be another place where you can buy furniture.

Aion 3.0

Open world PvP is always the thing that complained by some AION players but in patch 3.0, NCsoft does something different. Most places in the new maps (Sarpan and Tiamaranta) are not available for PvP so PvEers and low level gamers can enjoy their time. You can only do PvP in neutral areas when you flag yourself as "PvP available". Non-neutral areas are dangerous but also more rewarding, and PvP fans can still expect heart-stopping competition in AION 3.0.

Aion 3.0

Skill system doesn't see many changes but one thing you must know is that two new stats are added. Characters now has magic block which reduces damage from enemy's magic boost. Gear now gets magic defense through enhancement. On the other hand, the cap for magic boost is removed. Sorcerer was said to be unbalanced so let's see if got fixed in the new patch.

And at last, the level 60 Deava armor quests are still difficult and time consuming like hell (however the difficulty of level 50 Deava quests is lowered).

Other tips: Patch size is about 3.5GB.

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