This is Why You Should Use Soul Calibur V's Replay Function More Frequently

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If you are not hardcore fighting game fans but still know something about Soul Calibur series, it's probably because of Ivy, the sexiest character in the franchise. In the latest Soul Calibur game, Ivy again becomes what every Soul Calibur fan talks about. The poster of Soul Calibur V has led to the discussion of whether the marketing has gone too far. But when some in-game screenshots surface, people ask whether the game has gone too far.

Soul Calibur V

If you don't fight well or you fail to make the best action and combo, you can still enjoy the replay, especially when your fight includes female characters.

Full SizeSoul Calibur V

Full SizeSoul Calibur V

What's more, the developer creates sexy bikinis and other NSFW cloths for those who love collect and unlock contents. What will the next Dead or Alive game do?

Soul Calibur V

Soul Calibur V



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