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Eligium: The Chosen One

Official site:
Open Beta: Feb15
Free to play

Powered by Gamebryo engine, Shanda Games' free-to-play MMORPG is another 3D fantasy MMO that sets in world where different races fight against the demons. The game is packed with many features, most of which are also seen in many other games. The game lacks content in some aspects but it's great in some other points.

Eligium: The Chosen One Gameplay Features

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Although there aren't too many outstanding features, Eligium still do well in some aspects. For example you can dye your gear with different colors and add extra visual effects by using Glyph. You can switch from different view angles (traditional rear view and Diablo style angle) to fit your gameplay. PvP can be done in a different way where two players bring their skills to the table and play a mini-game under certain rules. The race/class system is a little bit boring and restrictive but the Panda race and monk class which uses chi is a master of both short-ranged and long-ranged combat.


A nice feature of the game is that your skill becomes more and more powerful as you keep using them, and the same goes for weapon proficiency. You can stick to the skill you prefer and the type of weapon you love, instead of changing them frequently in order to get the best DPS.

Other features that you may be interested include mounted combat, scenario instances and massive PVP warfare.


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