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February is the shortest month in a year but February of 2012 will be one of the most exciting months for MMO gamers. As a matter of fact, beginning from February, you are going to be crazy in the following few months for the release and beta test of the must-play MMOs of 2012. What are they? C9, Guild Wars 2, TERA and The Secret World. Now check out what we can you get in February.

What do You Play in February?

R.O.D.E. Online

Official site:
Closed beta 2 from Feb 11 - 12 and Open beta follows

The full name of the game is Rise of Dragonian Era and it's obviously a fantasy MMORPG. The story of R.O.D.E. might not be fascinating to you and it's about the Dragon Lords who rule the world but then the world goes into war blah blah blah. However, thanks to the existing of numerous dragons and other flying creatures, you can ride on their back and experience the combat in the sky. Please note that flying mounts and dragons are not available in closed beta but will meet you in open beta.

R.O.D.E. - CBT gameplay

Dragon Riding System, as it's called in the game, offers you additional fun to the traditional ground combat. When fight in the sky you have to control your dragons which fly in high speed and you can use your character skills. Except for dragons, there are many other creatures can be captured as your mounts, and according to the developer, there are three types of mounts: Ground, Aerial, and Dragon.

R.O.D.E. Online

Speaking of the basic systems of the game, there are Warrior, Rogue, Cleric, and Mage available for players of different playing style. Each class can be specified to one of the two characteristics (for instance warrior can be specified to DPS-oriented or defense-oriented character). PvP can be played in both small (Castle Siege) and large (Region War) scale. Dynamic event is something very popular for today's MMORPG and R.O.D.E. has a Deablo System and monsters will randomly attack players' castles to create tension.

R.O.D.E. Online

R.O.D.E. Online

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