Blizzard Sues Valve over Dota Trademark

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Valve is continuing to test and implement new updates for their Source Engine-powered game Dota 2 but still doesn't give fans a firmed release date. The newly-found filing shows that Valve and its Dota2 actually has been in trouble for a while because Blizzard has filed a lawsuit against Valve over the use of Dota trademark.

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Blizzard stated on the Opposition that "By this Opposition, Blizzard seeks to prevent registration by its competitor Valve Corporation of a trademark, DOTA, that for more than seven years has been used exclusively by Blizzard and its fan community, under license from Blizzard."


"By attempting to register the mark DOTA, Valve seeks to appropriate the more than seven years of goodwill that Blizzard has developed in the mark DOTA and in its Warcraft 3 computer game and take for itself a name that has come to signify the product of years of time and energy expended by Blizzard and by fans of Warcraft 3. Valve has no right to the registration it seeks."

Blizzard DOTA

Although DotA comes from the mod of Warcraft 3 but Blizzard never registered DotA trademark. The post development and update of DotA is done and maintained by Icefrog who now works for Valve. Obviously Blizzard doesn't want to see the name (DotA) that has been associated with Warcraft 3 and Blizzard for many years owned by its competitor.

Interesting thing is that both Blizzard and Valve are developing Dota-inspired game and they are Blizzard DOTA and Dota 2.

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