1.7 Million Users Make SWTOR "the Fastest Growing Subscription MMO in History"

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I bet you've read some analyses about Star War: The Old Republic's subscription number, and now EA reveals the official number at the quarterly earnings call. Despite of the notorious dancing exploit, Ilum PvP issues, and the rumored gay content, EA's biggest MMO project ever is still a successful game in the first several months, or at least EA thinks so.

Star War: The Old Republic

EA's CEO John Riccitiello says that "Two million people have purchased the game – from our retail partners and via direct digital downloads on our Origin system. This great launch makes Star Wars: The Old Republic the fastest growing subscription MMO in history." Some remarkable figures include over 2 million copies sold with 40% sold through Origin, 1.7 million active subscribers with 1 million peak concurrent users, and 4 hours' average session time during the first month.

Additional statistics revealed at the official site include:

Over 239 million in-game hours, or over 332,000 months and over 27,000 years of in-game time

Over 20 billion NPCs killed

Over 148 billion credits spent

Star War: The Old Republic

The glorious launch and first few months have become history and EA and BioWare is looking at the future. In the Q&A session, EA tells that BioWare is working on a new game update which is larger than patch 1.1 and will release it in March. On the other hand, EA is going to increase SWTOR's marketing budget and will expand to global market. The game will come to Australia in March and detailed for individual Asian markets will be announced in the future.

SWTOR has cost EA a lot of money on license and marketing, and the game's profitability is always something that people will talk about. EA says at the Q&A that "at 500,000 subscribers, we'd break even. At a million, we'd be making a profit but nothing worth writing home about. As it scales up from there, we're talking about a nice profit. At this point with the successful launch, we can take the worst case scenarios off the table."

Source: pcgamer

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