Warner Bros. Licenses Korean Developer to Create Lord of the Rings and Batman-related MMOs

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Inplay Interactive isn't a famous MMO company in Korea, but they were known by the world recently with the development of F.E.A.R.: Origin Online which is licensed by Warner Bros. Entertainment. Inplay Interactive could be known by more and more western gamers because they are going to might develop a Lord of the Rings MMO and another MMO that is related to Batman and DC comics, in cooperate with Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Lord of the Rings

Report says that Warner Bros. Entertainment has become the investor and shareholder of Inplay Interactive, and the Korean developer is licensed to use the IPs owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment. There's no detailed info about how the Korean version of LOTRO and Batman MMO will look like. It's believed that Inplay's LOTRO will be completely different to Turbine's, and it might go to the AOS style.

Turbine's LOTRO released in Korea in 2008 but shut down in 2010. LOTRO wasn't the only western MMORPG that met its Waterloo in Korea, and EA's Warhammer Online also closed down in Korea in 2010.

Source: gamemeca

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