Dragon Nest LV60 Update might Bring You to Desert and Islamic World

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It seems that Dragon Nest KR is on its way to level 60 where new maps and new city will be opened. There is a batch of Dragon Nest concept arts that show off the Islamic construction but the developer hasn't confirmed if they belong to level 60 content or not.

Dragon Nest

Saint Heaven, the city opens at level 24 is Medieval style, and level 40 city Lotus Marsh is like bring players to Amazon rainforest, and the next stop is likely to be Egypt, XD. Anyway, it's just a guess, and there's also speculation that the next city will be kind of elven town.

Dragon Nest

For NA and SEA server, new profession Academic will be available later this year. Dragon Nest SEA just released the Lunar New Year update while Dragon Nest NA is bringing a Project Protégé update to gamers.

Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest

Source: duowan

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