Dragon Nest Announced Two New Professions, Adept and Pysician

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All new Dragon Nest contents come to Korean server first, but they will be eventually available in NA and SEA servers. After revealed Alchemist for Academic's job advancement, Eyedentity today unveiled 2 new profesions for Academic's 2nd job advancement, and they are Adept and Pysician. Please note that their names may change when they come to NA and SEA.

Dragon Nest - Alchemist

Adept specializes in elemental attack, and her skills are connected with fire and frost. The major skills of Adept include:

C2H5OH - a kind of alcohol that makes enemies drunk.

Magma Punch EX - an AOE attack.

Ice Beam - has a chance to frozen the enemy.

Dragon Nest - Adept

Pysician specializes in poison and healing, and she can play as healing and supportive role in a party. Of course every profession in Dragon Nest has DPS skills, and Pysician is no exception. Pysician's major skills include:

Love Virus - enemy will go into disorder and can't attack

Injector EX - attacks enemies and absorbs their HP and recovers friendly targets' HP

Heal Shower - another healing skill

Dragon Nest - Pysician

The English name of the skills above are from Dragon Nest KR official site

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Source: Dragon Nest(KR) official site

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