Dawn of Fantasy: The Battle for the Race Survival has just Began

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When we think about real-strategy style games, the first ones that might come to our minds, are scenically old well-known games like World of Warcraft or Dota, and the rest tend to be nothing else but a clone of these two great titles. Nevertheless, there are still some games out there that are trying to reinvent the genre. And, this is a direct reference to Dawn of Fantasy Online, which is a 3D strategy style game with a massive multiplayer option and an awesome mediaeval storyline. So let's get started, with this in-deep review, which will cover up all the good features that this new strategy game just brought up to the Gaming Industry.

Dawn of Fantasy: A tale of Races wars

The world of DOF is based on the vast land of Mythador, in which 3 races (Humans, Orcs and Elves) and their kingdoms fight against each other to assure their races gold and resources. Basically, all the storyline revolves around their survival, and how their kingdoms are developing as time goes by,which means we will have to complete some quests in order to know how these war of races started, and how it might end. This matter will also immerse us into the beautiful Mythador environments, as we progress further more in the bloody history of its kingdoms.

Dawn of Fantasy

Graphics and Sound Systems

The DOF's graphics are quite outstanding with many detailed landscapes. Consequently, if we are into games with high resolutions support, this one would perfectly be what we were looking for. Besides the fact that animations also look pretty good even in all the big and large battles we will have, and even if we zoom in or out our camera views we will still appreciate how good Mythador looks. This means, we will be able to enjoy the game in a high performance style, if our computers can handle it, or play it in low settings options.

Dawn of Fantasy

On the other hand, the sound system is also pretty good, with a few exceptions. As for, the game offers us different kind of environment music which highly depends on what we are doing (let's say fighting, getting resources, exploring, etc). However, battle music can turn a bit repetitive at times since there is only one. Plus, If there something that it the game also has a great voice acting, which turns to be one of the best features in the game, something probably unexpected from most of the current MRT strategy games out there.

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