Marvel Universe MMO Officially Dubbed Marvel Heroes

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Previously known as Marvel Universe, Gazillion's upcoming superhero now officially named Marvel Heroes, and along with the final name, the developer also released the logo for their MMO. However, the developer still talked nothing about gameplay system and release schedule.

Marvel Heroes

When commenting on the game's final name, Gazillion thinks that Marvel Heroes better reflects the "pivotal" role of the iconic Marvel characters in the game's universe. While there have been several superhero MMOs in the market, Marvel Heroes needs something different to attract Marvel comics fans and other MMO gamers. In fact the game does have something sweet, especially for comic fans, that's you can actually play as the iconic Marvel characters, say Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, etc. That sounds amazing but it won't be interesting if there are hundreds of Spider Men jumping from buildings to buildings. So how will it work in a MMO? Gazillion still keeps it a secret and just says they have an unusual solution.

Marvel Heroes

Gazillion has revealed before that the game is free to play and it's PC-only. Moreover, Marvel Heroes is for hardcore comic fans and MMO players since there's been a Marvel Super Hero Squad for kids.

Source: vg247

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