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Dragona Global

Official site:

Closed beta starts on December 8

The game will be finally available in NA and EU and it will begin with a closed beta. You should have read a lot about the game which has released in Korea and SEA and know that the most important features in the game are Dragon Transformation and castle siege PvP battle.

Dragona (KR) - Castle Siege Trailer

More Dragona videos

The classes available in Dragona are fairly limited, and you can even say that it's gender-locked. Each race provides you 2 classes, one male character and one female character. Fortunately, the equipment, especially the high level one looks cool. Add to the PvE contents are the instance, mount, and crafting systems.


When talking about Korean MMOs, you would first come to "grindfest". Yes it's the problems for Dragona Global, too, but there are many gamers who don't mind repetitive gameplay, and the game itself has Auto Path system.


Dragona Global's facebook page has published several previews to the maps in the game, check out here if you are interested. And we have 2 review articles on MMOsite for your reference: Dragona Online - Review / Guide, Review of Dragona PH.


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