3D Chat is the Game's Name, but 3D Sex is What the Gameplay is About

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3D chat (official site: is another sims style MMO. The game offers adult audience a virtual 3D social networking environment where they can chat, date with others, do shopping, etc. But here we will just skip those part and talk about the sex in the game.

The basic gameplay contents are free but the erotic contents are for premium members only. Once you become premium member, you can enter Eros Island to have some "fun" in places like strip club, pub, or just on the beach. Only in Eros Island that you can get naked in the public, even in the crowd...

3D Chat

When turning to the gameplay on bed, there are lots of things you can do. You can choose from nine pages of different positions to interact with the man or woman. Of course you can also have sex in the kitchen or at the swimming pool for different experience.

3D Chat

The game is now in Open Beta and if want to give it a try, check out the official site and Facebook page

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3D Chat



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