Dragon Nest SEA: Interviews from the PvP Ladder

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I've been playing Dragon Nest for at least 4 months now, but the one thing I haven't visited in the game is the Colosseum channel. My friends and I preferred the PvE and story experience that Dragon Nest gave. Despite this brooding lack of interest for the legally virtual and pre-arranged altercations, Dragon Nest's Colosseum is a highly-lucrative venture for both the player and the company. Aside from the epic item market, the Colosseum is also a place for bragging rights. This channel is probably the most visited place in the game immediately after nearly 60-70% of the population reached the latest level cap.

Dragon Nest

Going up the Ladder

So how does Dragon Nest's PvP Ladder work? It's simple really. It's a matter of logging into the game, selecting any Colosseum channel and entering the PvP lobby area via the Colosseum NPC. Search for waiting rooms with the 1v1 mode in them and fight! Every participation in a 1v1 battle gains you points that list your character in the Ladder rankings. Gain enough points and/or wins, and your character may reach the top 3 or top 10 best PvP ladder players. Most of the players wander around the first channel of the Colosseum, so it's best to get your ladder points there. Do take note that the ladder rankings fluctuate daily, especially the top 10 contenders.

Dragon Nest

Meeting the First Placer: taraL

Dragon Nest

At the time of writing (November 19, 2011), the list showed taraL and Girmoire at 1st and 2nd place respectively. There was a high probability that these players are currently online and competing against other players or against each other. I took the opportunity to drop taraL a whisper, and with luck, I found myself talking to him. An elemental lord, taraL is a 22-year old guy from Singapore. He recently finished his compulsory 2-year army training, and has then returned to online gaming. Other personal details are withheld to maintain privacy and confidentiality. Without further ado, here's the conversation between taraL and yours truly.

Dragon Nest

Andaleon: Hello! Do you mind if I interview you?

taraL: No, I don't really mind

A: Hello, taraL!

T: Hello!

A: I saw that you're at the top 1 of the PvP ladder

T: Yes indeed

A: What's your current class and level?

T: Level 32 Elemental Lord

A: How long have you been playing Dragon Nest?

T: Since CBT

A: How do you find Dragon Nest so far?

T: Honestly, I find that DN have too little content

A: And why do you say that?

T: Other than PvPing (sic), there's nothing to do.

A: How long did it take you to reach the top of the ranking?

T: Half a day

A: Wow really?! That's an amazing feat! Tell me about your toughest PvP battle.

T: Against a Paladin, I lost to; He was too tanky (sic) for me and my shield couldn't last. Fighting him without shield after 1 minute or so cost me the match.

A: Are you playing any other MMO games?

T: Currently, no.

A: Before DN, did you play other games?

T: Yeah, I played RO and WoW

A: Can you compare your experience with WoW and DN?

T: DN can't hold a candle to WoW. The amount of things you can do in WoW is too much; never gets bored.

A: Indeed, indeed. Did you stop playing WoW already?

T: I quitted because I couldn't commit to the raids, because I was in the army

A: Army? Can you explain further?

T: I'm from SG (Singapore), and all men need to go to army for 2 years compulsory. So I quitted, because I don't like playing games casually. If I have no time, I would rather not play.

A: True true. Will you return to WoW?

T: I don't think so. All my friends quitted as well. But I'll definitely play D3 (Diablo III)

A: Back to DN, what strategies do you use in PvP to win?

T: Depends on matchup. Usually I will just rushdown. Paladins are more of a problem because they are tanky (sic); Couldn't rushdown them in time as they have blocks and stuff to buy time.

A: What do you think DN needs to improve on?

T: Content-wise, basically. There is nothing to do; nothing new, everyday is all the same. Honestly, after I top the 3v3 ladder, I'm just gonna stop; until someone catches up then I'll play

A: How many hours do you spend playing anyway?

T: Up to 10 a day for 2-3 days a week. Other than that, I'm just offline or just play 1-2 hours a day.

A: Tell me about your personal life. How old are you?

T: 1988; 23 this year.

A: Are you still studying? Working part time?

T: Working part time for now, when not playing DN. I'm either with my gf or friends; or working.

A: Your gf plays DN with you too?

T: No, she doesn't play games. Girmoire over here is lucky. They play together as a couple.

A: Oh, you and Girmoire are friends?

T: Yes, we are on the same team for the 3v3 ladder

A: Oh cool! How would it feel if you face her 1v1?

T: Well, I killed her when I faced her when she was not top 10. But now with her plates changed, I would say it's a hard fight. If she wins me, I will feel happy for her because I'm her teammate.

A: How long have you known each other?

T: I have no idea. I had Girmoire in my friend list for like since I can remember. But we didn't talk until yesterday, when I asked her to join me in 3v3.

A: Would you recommend Dragon Nest to other MMO players?

T: Yeah I would. It's suitable for casual and hardcore gamers. But only if they don't mind the limited content I only played so long because all my friends are playing. If not, I would have quitted long ago.

A: Last question: What tips can you give other PvP players?

T: As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Watching vids and reading up on skills and matchups help too. Now everyone thinks EL (elemental lord) is OP. One last tip for people against EL. Get loads of tent equips and buy time.

A: Gotcha! Thank you for the interview!

Dragon Nest

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