Cyberpunk RTS Game NeuroSlicers Closed Pre-Alpha Starts Soon

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NeuroSlicers (previously known as Failure: NeuroSlicers)​ Closed/Community Pre-Alpha will be launching on April 13th. 

NeuroSlicers is a completely new take on the RTS genre. There’s a heavier focus on Macro actions such as placement, timing, territory control, prediction, resource management, etc. You get to use some cool Units, buildings and Hacking powers that allow for level and unit AI manipulation and more.

During the Pre-Alpha, players will be able to get a small taste of the game's special systems in play, but the developers reveal that even the core gameplay will be going through a number of additional iterations and additions after the Pre-Alpha.


The Pre-Alpha is running from April 13th to June 4th over 8 consecutive weekends.

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