Get Yourself Romance with Loved by King Bs

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Season 2 of the romantic dating sim Marked by King Bs has been released today. 

The new season is named Loved by King Bs, which is continuation from the romantic ending of Marked by King Bs: the MC becomes one of the notorious King Bs’ girlfriend after being marked for a year. Loved by King Bs takes its setting 2 years in the future and shows how the MC tries to adapt to her new environment as a newly enrolled university student. 


The struggle to balance her relations between her high school sweetheart, the King Bs and new friends from the university. Plus, an unexpected encounter of a green-haired guy. What choices will she make in order to survive her university life?


Loved by King Bs comes back with loads of extra contents, compared to its original game, Marked by King Bs. Major new features include:

New male character. Total of 6 routes are now available.
Free ‘Daily Gacha’ to win items, special costumes and summoner tix.
18 and 19 Albums, which allows the players to find out what happened during those 2 years in high school until they graduated.

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