Robocraft Royale Available on Steam Early Access Now

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Another survival battle royale game - Robocraft Royale is now available on Steam Early Access.

Robocraft Royale is Transformers meets Fortnite, and puts Abe Lincoln in a go-kart. Using all manner of different character-bots, players battle to the last in a huge (64km2) map littered with pick-ups, mountain observatories, power stations, forests, crashed spaceships and numerous different building configurations. 


There'll be 100 players battling for survival in a wide variety of robots created by Robocraft players. Each time a player deploys into the world they’ll find new creations to master and learn how best to manipulate the destruction of their enemies with Robocraft Royale’s bespoke damage mechanics. The game provides a wide variety of vehicles for players to choose, including tanks, dragons, dinosaurs, mecha, cars, helicopters, jet fighters. There's no limit to what you might find.


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