Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War New March Update Announced

By hearst Date: Mar 23 2018 Views:

Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War has received a new spring update.

The update brings a new chapter - Jewel of Atlantis to the Story Mode, involving the eponymous jewel which is powerful enough to breathe life into the dead and take life away from the living. Once the chapter is successfully completed, players are rewarded with the powerful HMS Endeavour. 

The new update will also allow players to test their battle strategies by forming a fleet and sending ships to the mysterious new Cave of the Abyss. The Cave of the Abyss holds myriad challenges - facing enemies, figuring out their specific weaknesses, and battling to victory. Players will learn how to utilize various strategies to defeat monsters more efficiently. Depending on the results, up to 3 Stars can be achieved once the challenge is successfully completed. Replays of other pirates’ battles will also be available so that players can watch and learn from each other’s challenges in the Cave of the Abyss.


The max level of players’ ships also increases from 20 to 25 with the arrival of the new update. 

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