Sci-Fi Strategy Game Galactic Frontline will Show up at GDC 2018

By hearst Date: Mar 20 2018 Views:

Galactic Frontline is a new real-time sci-fi strategy mobile game. It has been announced that the game will be presented at GDC 2018.

Galactic Frontline features rich, exciting star systems and an extensive cast of characters. The story revolves around a remote part of the galaxy where the Terrans first encounter two other species: the Ensari and the Zoltarians. 


As battle begins, two ships will face off from opposite ends of the map. Players will command a ship, up to four escort vessels and up to 6 combat units. It costs energy to produce units  and a ship’s energy will regenerate at varying rates depending on upgrades and environmental features.


There are 5 PvP maps in the game: Arena, Kuiper Belt, Zoltarian Outpost, Ion Storm, and Ensari Temple. Each has unique features and will require players to adapt their strategies.

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