Closers The Pandimensional Update Launched Today

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The latest update for Closers - the Pandimensional Update has been launched today. 

The Pandimensional update brings three special community events - Pandimensional Event, Closers Day, and Refit Sky Ship Event.

In Pandimensional Event, players will be able to put in a vote every two days in two different polls, culminating in the announcement of the best boy and girl. Once voting has ended, every player will receive a code for a free in-game poster, featuring the winners, that they can place in their housing areas.


The Closers Day event is a one-day event which will give players a variety of in-game buffs and bonuses.

And the Refit Sky Ship Event which runs from March 20th until April 2nd will allow players to get a special support box containing a small plum, soda, three-day versions of accessories such as, crimson rocket wings, Cawdor’s Glaring Eye, and more.


Apart from all the above, the Pandimensional update also brings Pandimensional Closer Skins which are available free on players' profile page, and an increase to the overall level cap.

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